Groupie in Residence

Admittedly, Ruth has some superficial resemblance to Ernst Stavro Blofeld or maybe Dr. Evil (hi, Nevi!), but unlike those two she is a lovable chamber music enthusiast with slightly more hair (memo: didn't ask Blofeld for his opinion about chamber music yet).

Ruth attends almost always the orchestra's post-rehearsal sessions in the Seerhein. Moreover, she continually entertains hungry chamber music friends at rehearsals in her and Olli's flat with cakes, salads, tea and other delicacies. Thank you, Ruth! And you will get ear plugs for your birthday, promise!



"Well, if that isn't a Metal orgy!" - Jan on Beethoven's Egmont Ouverture.

"Sooo - isch mach heut ne Feuerzangenbowle - dat knallt! Ja, dat ist kein Kinderjetränk, hähähä... Heute wird jesoffen bis zur Jesichtsgrätsche. Und Corinna tanzt wie immer aufm Tisch. Und das schicken wir dannn Mama und Papa und zur Strafe muß Corinna auch noch habilitieren!" - Colognian dialect, defies translation

We will always remember Jan: he initiated Michael's soirées, he fought heroically against the bitchy first row of the University Orchestra's first violin section, and he is a cosmopolitan Colognian with a penchant for Guinness. At the moment Jan supplies textile services in Bad Hersfeld and apparently sponsors children's playgrounds in his spare time. Remember us, Jan - and come over for the next soirée, lazybones!


Wolfgang (alias Wolli)

"This is Wolli. Wolli says that mathematics is difficult. We didn't believe him, so we went over to see him." - Sendung mit der Maus, Constance version.

If Wolli actually lets go of his Capirinha glass for a moment, he studies for his physics PhD. Alternatively he plays the organ, or sings tenor, or gets his ears talked off with utmost composure. He has helped extensively with the programming of this page and has been the first person to link to it. To express our gratitude we have instantly linked him back: